Benjamin Moore announced its Color of the Year in October of last year. The winner: Shadow 2117-30. Shadow is a “master of ambiance,” in a rich amethyst shade. It makes a confident color statement while expressing feelings of sophistication. Shadow is perfect for creating a mood in any living space. Along with the highly anticipated Color of the Year, Benjamin Moore also released its 2017 color pallet, featuring 23 pure and stately hues. Here are our favorites from the collection.

Grandfather Clock Brown

As timeless as the name implies, Grandfather Clock Brown 2096-30 evokes feelings of days gone by. This warm, rich brown is perfect for a library, office, or living room by lending an ounce of class and stature. Combine with other natural shades, such as Pumpkin Seeds 113 or Dried Basil 1510 for a relaxing, inviting, and sophisticated space.

Sea Life

Sea Life 2118-40 is an otherworldly shade of purple-gray that pays tribute to the mystery and secretiveness of the deep sea. Sea Life is a romantic shade that’s ideal for driving up the appeal of bedrooms and intimate living rooms.

Knoxville Gray

We love the enigmatic, refined hue of Knoxville Gray HC-160, and not just because of the name’s homage to our state of Tennessee. This color brings back timeless eras and traditions, and it can be used in most any space for a hint of class or a unique spin on a modern/contemporary room.

Night Shade

This dramatic hue is a complex, concentrated purple that comes out in more of a brown shade. Night Shade is as serious and impenetrable as the middle of the night, yet lends a weight that’s as comforting as a thick blanket. We think it would be perfect for a stately accent wall in a bedroom, library, or sitting room.

Sea Star

Sea Star is another tribute to the unfathomable sea, and is a bold, pure hue that hits somewhere between blue, green, and gray. This color is exciting and enticing, perfect to brighten spaces such as the kitchen or a bedroom. Pair with Vanilla Ice Cream 2154-70 and Landscape 430 to bring the sea air right into your home.

Other colors we love in the 2017 Benjamin Moore palette are Pink Bliss 2093-70, a delicate and whimsical shade of sheer pink that conveys happiness and tranquility, and Amulet AF-365, a toasty tan shade with a touch of yellow that will warm up any room. Chattanooga Paint and Decorating can help you incorporate the Color of the Year or any other trending 2017 hues in your home.