We spend so much time agonizing over the perfect paint color, so why not add the same dedication to our window treatments? Drapes can make or break your space. Learn how to choose curtains that reflect your unique sense of personal style while creating a space that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

If You Love Classics, Try Jazzed-Up Neutrals

Is Jackie O. your style icon? If you’re over the moon for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and spend your days canvassing racks for the perfect trench coat, a creamy neutral shade is the perfect window dressing for you. Nothing quite matches the elegance of floor-to-ceiling drapes in a classic neutral shade. To take it up a notch, consider dressings that have small metallic accents—or consider hanging them on a dramatic rod.

bold-contrast-drapesIf You Love All Things Modern, Try Bold Contrasts

A hallmark of modern interior design is minimalism combined with bold color choices to evoke a bright yet streamlined feel to a space. Extend this mood to your curtains by choosing a single, bold stripe curtain hung on a simple rod. Contrast your colors with art pieces. For example, accent a bold black stripe with a modern piece of art in shades of red or pink.

If You Love Luxury, Try Heavy Fabrics

Want a luxurious room without spending the additional dollars? Try a curtain in brocade, which brings a sense of elegance to a space. Choose a solid neutral to balance the weight of the fabric and keep the feeling fresh. Accent with ornate chairs in a rich dark wood and a plush area rug.

If You’re a Trendsetter, Try Denim

The long-standing favorite of clothing manufacturers everywhere is making its way to the interior decorating set. No longer just for children, denim can make an unrivaled statement on your walls. But how do you keep the look enviable and less Beverly Hillbilly? The answer lies in execution. Opt for a chambray with bright accents for a preppy feel.

If You’re a Garden Dweller, Try Sheer Statements

Who says that curtains are reserved for the indoors? Elevate your outside living space by installing sheer curtains that create the perfect backyard oasis. Try a bright white that brings out the color in your patio furniture, or contemplate teal to frame your hammock and create the perfect reading nook.

If You’re Fickle, Tryroman-shade Roman Shades

Do your home tastes change with the season? Instead of investing in custom window treatments, try Roman shades (which are less expensive and let you have fun with bold patterns, colors, and textures). When one pattern falls out of vogue, replace it with something new for the fraction of the cost of floor-to-ceiling panels.

If You’re Cautious, Try Ombres

Want to make an impression but are afraid to be too daring? Ombres are trending right now, and they offer the right blend of elegance and trendsetting. Choose an unexpected color, like green, to avoid a seventies vibe. Ombres can also be mixed with textures such as bamboo and light wood to create a Moroccan feel.