The Holiday Season has been in high gear for a few weeks now. If you’re playing host or hostess to a gathering this holiday season, you’re likely in the process of readying your home for guests. Whether you’re looking for a simple refresh or want to redecorate an entire room, crafting for the holidays can be easy. Take on one of these simple DIY projects with the help of our Benjamin Moore paints for a holiday look that will get your guests talking.

Distress a Picture Frame:

Distressed and vintage looks are trending. They add a comfortable, rustic charm to your living space. Here’s what you’ll need to make your masterpiece:

  • A wooden picture frame (NOT pressboard)
  • Your favorite Benjamin Moore Studio Finish color
  • Stain
  • A nail file or sandpaper
  • Cotton socks (for applying stain)
  • Process: Apply a very light coat of paint to your wooden frame. Allow time for it to dry to the touch (about 30 minutes), then reapply. Use a nail file or sandpaper to strategically sand down layers of paint, giving your frame the coveted distressed look. When you’ve achieved your desired amount of distress, apply a layer of stain with a sock. Let dry for 30 minutes and then wipe off the excess.

    Paint an Ornament:

    Hand Painted Ornaments

    Sick of the same old store-bought ornaments? Gather the family and make some memories with handmade ornaments for your tree. Start with Benjamin Moore’s line of Studio Finishes or Old Master’s metallic for some extra sparkle.

    Pick up glass or wooden ornaments from your local craft store. Once you’ve assembled your materials, let your creativity guide you – opt for classic colors or turn your ornament into a penguin or snowman’s face. Finish off your creations with a layer of Polycrylic or Modge Podge to ensure its longevity.

    Wood Stamped Paper Crafts: 


    Do you put out a holiday letter? Add extra flair this year by creating hand-stamped parchment paper for a vintage touch. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Benjamin Moore stain
  • Wooden stamps of your choice
  • Off-white “parchment” paper (available at craft stores)
  • To make your vintage paper, simply dip wooden stamps in stain and apply carefully to your parchment paper. Let dry before using.

    Wood Palette Shelves:


    Wood palette crafts have overtaken Pinterest these days; people are using them to make everything from headboards to homemade bars. For an easy DIY project, start small with these shelves.

    You’ll Need:

  • A reclaimed wood pallet
  • Benjamin Moore stain
  • Sandpaper
  • A saw
  • Cut a pallet in half. Sand down all edges and then cover in your preferred shade of Benjamin Moore stain. Let dry for 30 minutes and wipe off excess.

    One pallet makes two shelves. It’s really that easy! To add an extra festive touch, wrap in twinkle lights.

    Home decoration is easy with a DIY spirit and the right products. This season, gather the family and create crafts for all your guests to enjoy. On behalf of all of us at Chattanooga Paint and Decorating, Happy Holidays!