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Have you ever noticed how the exterior sets the entire tone for you house? Do you want an inspirational exterior? It’s well known that first impressions last the longest, and the color combinations you chose should be telling of the intriguing, thoughtful people inside.

Your personal style is as important as your home’s style, but the architectural appearance of your house probably goes further when picking a complimentary, and appropriate scheme of colors for you home’s curb appeal.

Benjamin Moore New York State of Mind

Benjamin Moore New York State of Mind



We see many homes today being painted natural tones, with pops of color in the accents. Very non-traditional trim work, proving people are getting bolder in their choices. It’s not uncommon to find homes adorned in confident hues from the Victorian ages, or accented in colors you’d only seen before in tropical island photographs. However, tried and true combinations of neutral palettes is almost always going to be a crowd pleaser. Neutrals are highly recommend for homes you plan to flip, or put on the market soon.
While we love all colors equally, not all are created equally for a home’s exterior. A few rules of thumb when picking colors?

  • Pick a natural shade and pair it with a POP of brightness.
  • Use two hues with varying brightness for accent colors.
  • Play with varying shades of one color.
  • Go for colors that are a contrast to your landscape.
  • Make your entry way the focus.
  • Traditional white homes, with dark trim and shutters NEVER goes out of style.

Other things to consider?

  • Scale vs Color: If you have a large house, avoid dark colors that could make your home look too imposing. If you hue is too light, it won’t fit into the landscape and gets lost.
  • Make sure to check with your Home Owner’s Association for any rules on colors! You’d be surprised how many regulations or standards they could have in the by-laws.
  • Once you have the color, make sure your paint is resistant to fading, mold, mildew, and UV radiation.


If you’re still having trouble making up your mind, or not feeling inspired yet? please stop by our store and we’d be happy to help you weigh options while perusing our vast selection of paint color samples. Our team is trained to make informed decisions, with years of design and exterior paint experience. We’ll also help you calculate the amount of paint you’ll need and help recommend helpful hands along the way! What’s better than one stop shopping?