It’s time to paint the nursery? We’d like to start by saying congratulations on your new addition. What an exciting time! Choosing the right color for a baby’s room can be an overwhelming decision, and everyone will have an opinion. How do you pick the perfect, most precious color for the nursery?

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Benjamin Moore

We like to start the process, with our customers, by recommending that you choose a paint that has zero volatile organic compounds, and is odor free. Benjamin Moore makes a series of Natura paint, which are completely safe for nurseries! Next, it’s important that the room be comfortable, nurturing, and also engaging. The old battle of pink versus blue is OUT. However, we do have a few guidelines to consider, as well as some opinions about the emotions and temperament colors can evoke.

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First, we’d suggest that you choose a color that can grow up with your child. Everyone is a fan of the soft pastels, but will that still be applicable a few years down the road? In an effort to save you some time, opt for a shade that will compliment the nursery theme and make a transition into a more mature setting.

Second, let’s think about what a color actually says. Hues definitely set a tone for how you feel. Many colors are relaxing, while others give a more energizing vibe. We’ve done some research for you and the following are the most common emotions attached to colors – it might help you in creating your picturesque nursery oasis!

  • Pink – Loving. It’s a very calming and adoring color. It’s often associated with precious, soft things. No surprise why it’s so popular!
  • Blue – Healing. It increases productivity and sets a tranquil tone. However, blue-gray can lead toward melancholy and introversion.
  • Green – Refreshing. This color is best when in a learning environment, because it promotes concentration. It’s also associate with liveliness in the brighter shades.
  • Yellow – Cheerful. It is simply a happy color! However, too much and too bright can be agitating.
  • Orange – Comfort. A warm and welcoming color, especially in the deeper tones.
  • Gray – Intuitive. Promotion of thoughtfulness and introspection.
  • Red – Passion. A very exciting color that is best to use only in accents as it very stimulating.
  • Brown – Grounded. This color is best for feeling connected, and chocolate is one of the most popular nursery colors.
  • Black – Power. Perhaps surprising for a nursery, but in very well lit rooms it can empowering as an accent.
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Benjamin Moore

Finally, keep in mind that babies only distinguish a limited number of colors in their first few months, and they’ll be more attracted to brighter colors, and bold patterns. When picking paint, and decorating accessories it’s encouraged to engage your baby in their surroundings. It will help to cultivate curiosity and keep them comfortable. Accent walls of inspiring and precious colors are strongly encouraged, while you paint the other walls a nice neutral shade. Also, painting the ceiling a lighter shade of the walls makes a beautiful statement and showcases the room nicely.


We have plenty more ideas to share and color choices to ponder.  If you come by the store, we can help!