Benjamin Moore Paint, Devo Coatings, Ralph Lauren, Glidden and more . . .

Chattanooga Paint & Decorating is committed to bringing the best paint brands to you.

There are, literally, thousands of paint products available to consumers today. How is one to determine which product from which line from which brand is the right choice for a certain application?

The selection process is often very overwhelming. At Chattanooga Paint & Decorating, we carry the best products on the market, and we employ some of the brightest minds in the industry.

We work hard to help our customers wade through the buckets of information (pardon our pun). We want to help you make the right decision for your project and your lifestyle.

Chattanooga Paint & Decorating carries the following major paint and coating brands:

Benjamin Moore Paint, Zinsser, Minwax, Old Masters, Lenmar, Pittsburg Paints, Porter Paints, Sansin Stains, Gemini Lacquers, Coronado, Rustoleum, Sikkens, Accessa, Richards, Insl-X, Corotech and Flood Wood Finishes

  • Benjamin Moore Paint
  • Zinsser
  • Minwax
  • Old Masters
  • Lenmar
  • Pittsburg Paints
  • Porter Paints
  • Sansin Stains
  • Gemini Lacquers
  • Coronado
  • Rustoleum
  • Sikkens
  • Accessa
  • Richards
  • Insl-x
  • Corotech
  • Flood Wood Finishes

A Note from Tom…

Chattanooga Paint & Decorating is not a company store. We are an independently owned and operated design center, which means that we are not required to carry one product over another. Sure, we stock Benjamin Moore Paints, but we do that because they’re high-quality paints. We stock Wooster brushes because they are a good value. We carry Old Masters Stains because we believe in them. At Chattanooga Paint & Decorating, our customers KNOW that they’re getting quality, because they know that we are free to source the products and materials that we trust.

– Tom Ross, Product Specialistr

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– Meg Lemons