Looking for Paints? Stains? Coatings?

We’ve got that! And everything else you’ll need . . .

Have you ever finished a paint project only to realize that your roller left weird marks or fuzzy spots on your wall? Well, chances are that happened because someone sold you the wrong roller. Just like any other home-improvement project, there are certain tools for certain projects. At Chattanooga Paint & Decorating, we know which tools you will need for each type of paint project.

Chattanooga Paint & Decorating carries a full line of high-quality standards: brushes, rollers, tapes, tarps, paint trays, liners, etc . . .


But we carry specialty products as well: specialty brushes and sponges, distressing tools and knives.

For brushes and rollers, we rely on: Corona, Wooster, Whizz and Premier.

Our go-to brands for auxiliary paint sundries are: Shurline, Intex, Encore, Crawford Putty, DAP, Red Devil Tools and Lighthouse/GE.

We stand behind Norton, ZAR wood Products, Gemini Lacquer for our floor refinishing supplies.

We look to Goldblatt, Warner and National Gypsum for our drywall supplies.

And, at Chattanooga Paint and Decorating, we carry Lenmar, Momentive Caulking, and Warner Tools.

“Jim and his team source the best products. That’s why I keep coming back.” −Meg Lemons

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“Product quality is key. My work is only as good as the materials that I use.”

– Meg Lemons