Wallpaper has evolved!

Wall coverings and adhesives aren’t what they used to be . . . and that’s a good thing!

We hear it all the time, “If I commit to wallpaper, I won’t be able to modify my space to reflect shifts in style, season or mood. Also, I will be stuck with it forever, because as everyone knows, wallpaper is a nightmare to remove!”

To this we say…

Au contraire!

First, as with any other home-decor selection, wallpaper must be chosen carefully.


Sure, if you intend to put it on the wall and never change it again, then you should consider a subtle pattern and a neutral color pallet. Doing so will allow you the flexibility to grow and change with design trends. However, there is nothing that says you have to leave a wall covering up forever. Advances in wallpaper construction and adhesive technology have made it exponentially easier to change your wall covering.

At Chattanooga Paint & Decorating, we carry such quality brands as: Thibaut, Seabrook, York, Washington Wallcoverings, Wall Quest, Jaima Brown, Versa and Landark.

Whether your space calls for the scrolling whimsy of pale pink arabesque, the formality of a strong black and white damask or the subtlety of a tone-on-tone strie, Chattanooga Paint & Decorating has something for you.




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