Custom window treatments aren’t just fluff.

Draperies actually add value to your home in more ways than one.

Window treatments serve two very important functions. Aesthetically, curtains and draperies make a space more comfortable; practically, they reduce energy costs.

Aesthetically, custom window treatments are one of the most important design elements in a space. A properly dressed window is the crown jewel of any well-designed room. At Chattanooga Paint & Decorating, we specify premium materials, from linings to black out batts to finish fabrics, trims and hardware. Our team will help you implement and specify the perfect custom-curtain installation for your home.


“We hand-picked all of my fabrics and trims. Jennifer walked me through the installation. The whole project was much easier than I ever thought it would be. My window treatments make a beautiful impact in my living room, and they are the finishing touch in my kitchen. I just love the work that we did.”

− Amelia Lewis, 2012

In addition to bringing beauty, style, warmth and comfort into your space, custom window treatments can also help to reduce your family’s energy consumption. Draperies provide a layer of insulation over large expanses of glass, thereby diminishing the escape of heat in the winter and preventing an influx of heat in the summer.

At Chattanooga Paint & Decorating, we represent Graber, Fabricate, Carole, Green House Fabrics, Horizon and Thibaut. We carry blinds, drapery fabric, shutters, roller shades.

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“They have wallpaper and drapery fabric. I had no idea! I went in for paint, but I found everything I needed to complete my living room project.”

− Angie Green, 2014